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Why I'm Running

  • security

  • transparency

  • efficiency


Before I joined the Utah County Clerk/Auditor’s office two and a half years ago Governor Gary Herbert called it the “epicenter of dysfunction.” He was right.

Elections were a mess. Uncounted ballots were found months after elections were over. Some households received multiple ballots for people who no longer lived at that address. There were no best practices employed and little security or safety standards in place.

Then Utah County voters elected a new Clerk/Auditor and I was brought on to be her Chief Deputy.

We built a team that changed everything:

  • We led the turn around of a chaotic elections office to a nationally recognized model

  • We moved Utah County to a performance-based budgeting system

  • We led Utah County’s largest and most successfully managed election in the history of the state

  • We extended public service hours to allow us to serve more people and provide better customer service

  • We created the first in nation online marriage licensing system to automate the process for couples, saving taxpayer dollars and improving efficiency

  • The Elections Assistant Commission awarded Utah County with a national clearinghouse award for our innovative GIS election results dashboard

  • Our audit department saved the county over $6M in net present value through a series of successful bond refundings

  • We drove numerous innovations to internal county systems improving efficient management of financial resources

  • We vastly improved physical and cybersecurity to ensure that our elections are safe and secure

  • We extended the hours of our marriage license and passport office on weeknights and Saturdays without increasing the cost to the county. This expansion allowed us to increasing revenue, saving taxpayers money

  • We improved the financial operations of the county so that departments can operate more efficiently and give the public real-time data and information. For example, we now have business intelligence data dashboards on our website with budget information fully visible to the public, press and other elected officials

Given the growth ahead, the challenges in our county and the increased focus on election integrity, we must stay the course and continue our upward trajectory.
I promise to keep the office on track and continue to pioneer innovative and efficient improvements to keep the cost of government low and the quality of service high. I will focus on election security, government transparency and overall operational efficiency. 
With my professional experience, leadership ability and educational background, I am ready to lead!

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